Drywall removal is a project that’s not too difficult to complete. If you have patience and the right tools, you can remove drywall in no time. Keep in mind to prep your work surface and work area before initiating this project. Make sure to eliminate any items or furniture from the room and wrap the other items using drop cloths. Below are some of the important tools that are needed to successfully remove drywall.  

Utility knife 

This type of knife contains an extremely sturdy blade. After you keep on using it, it becomes dull. But, you just have to snap off the blade, providing you a sharp edge to keep on doing the job. 

Circle cutter 

Circle clutters have two sharp serrated wheels, which hinge and create a sharp center tip. They help in scoring the drywall’s surface for you to knock out the plug hole much easier.  

Keyhole saw 

This has a tapered and long blade. They are utilized to trim near tight curves. This kind of saw has extremely sharp teeth that can cut by pulling the saw. In hard areas, it can do a clean cut.  

Drywall Saw 

You might need 2 kinds of drywall saws—the jigsaw or the manual saw. The jigsaw contains 2 kinds of blades—one that’s intended to remove drywall and aids to cut in a curved or circular line and the coarse one. Manual saw, on the other hand, can do the job like how a jigsaw does it and it has a sharp pointed end and coarse teeth, which feels smooth if you touch it. 

Drywall rasp 

Drywall rasp is utilized to smoothen out the drywall’s rough edges.  


This tool is intended to cut any metal you might encounter as you remove the drywall. 


T-square is utilized like a ruler for you to mark a spot and helps guide you in where you should trim. 

Drywall stripper 

Drywall stripper is used for areas that are very hard to cut and narrow. 

Drywall routers 

Drywall routers are utilized to make round cuts. For example, once you’re eliminating the drywall near the light fixture box, you would utilize the router’s circle cutter. 


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